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Transparency policy_Associació Obre't Ebre

Transparency policy

Supplementary information

The Obre't Ebre Association, in order to fulfill the obligations established by the Law on Transparency, access to public information and good governance, certifies that this website contains the required information, in an understandable way, with easy access, free of charge and universal

Anual budget

The annual budget, which the Foundation has enjoyed in the last year, is detailed below:

2,55 %

Provision of services

97,45 %


97,45 %

Public funding

2,55 %

Privat funding

Communication with staff

Internal communication is structured on the basis of ascending and descending channels, in accordance with our horizontal structure:

  • Periodic meetings of the entity's management with the service managers to discuss: technical criteria on the service, the entity's labour criteria and policies, economic management, etc.
  • Management meetings with their teams (weekly or fortnightly): technical criteria on the service, the organisation's labour criteria and policies, technical analysis and ethical issues for carrying out the service, etc.
  • Annual management meetings with the staff of the centres: general results of the institution, new services, values, etc.
  • Corporate intranet as an instrument of internal communication, allowing the connection between all the members of the organisation.