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The Association_Associació Obre't Ebre

The Association


Obre't'Ebre covers a need that is very present in our days, the need for the promotion of values, the social cohesion of young people and children especially at risk of social exclusion in rural areas and with fewer opportunities, as well as the sustainable development of the community.

  • It offers young people and children a present with more illusions, emotions and justice through values education.
  • It promotes equal opportunities and the cohesion of the population in rural areas, given the lack of resources for young people, especially in these areas.
  • It promotes the active participation and empowerment of young people in order to strengthen and develop their capacities and skills to improve the quality of life. 
  • It offers assistance and support to young people and children through educational, participation and volunteering programs.
  • It develops actions that favor the development of people's skills.

Corporate values

  • The people are the central axis of our social action and we attend to their needs in an individualized way.
  • The transformative spirit, active involvement in the development and transformation of the reality of our territory.
  • Promote participation and co-responsibility with the entities and people with whom you work by betting on teamwork and networking.
  • Sustainability, application of all the principles of efficiency in day-to-day life and in all the projects and actions carried out, in order to avoid environmental impact as much as possible.
  • Coherence, projects and actions are a reflection of the association's objectives.

Human values

  • Happiness, with the projects and activities, bearing in mind at all times honesty and creating relationships of trust, the people who participate make their dreams come true in search of a better moment or life.
  • Humanity, with the relationships, both between the people of the Obre't'Ebre team and with the people and entities we work with.
  • Respect, with the intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships that are established, both between the people who are part of the organization and with those people and organizations with and for whom we work.

General objective

Faced with the lack of resources, especially for young people in rural areas, the Obre't'Ebre association was born to respond to the need to work for equal opportunities and the cohesion of young people, children and adults of these areas.

This is the objective that drives Obre't'Ebre to continue with the development of actions that favor the youth and children of the territory.