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Transversal policies_Associació Obre't Ebre

Transversal policies

Environmental plan

At the Obre't Ebre Association there is a firm commitment to environmental sustainability. That is why we implement the environmental policies established in the Sustainability Plan of the Coordinadora Sinergia Social, which are supported by the principles of the 4 R's; reduce, reuse, recycle and repair. And it adapts to each context of the organization's activity; from the management of green offices, to home sustainability in residential services and to the educational dimension in care services, training and employment.

The environmental plan is evaluated quarterly and reviewed annually by the entity's environmental committee. Among the activities implemented, we highlight the participatory actions that, in addition to contributing to the care of the environment, have a direct impact on people's awareness and sensitisation.

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Equal opportunities policy

From the values and principles that define the identity of the Association, equal opportunities between men and women is a central axis. For this reason, since 2015 we have had the Equality Plan of the organisation which includes, among other things, the measures and protocols by which the organisation must work to be an active part in guaranteeing this equality both inside and outside its activities.

The equality plan is monitored and reviewed by the entity's equality committee, evaluated annually and revised biannually.

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Ethical code