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Nature classroom_Brot del Sud

Nature classroom

Nature classroom

Welcome to all!

Here we present the activities that Brot del Sud, in collaboration with Obre't Ebre, offer at the Sant Antoni tower: guided tours and specialized workshops for schools and individuals, teaching the biodiversity of the estate, the flora and the fauna.


The mission is the preservation and increase of biodiversity in Torre Sant Antoni and its surroundings, contributing our grain of sand to adapt to climate change.


Some of our actions are the creation of shelter boxes for various birds and mammals, a pond for amphibians and reptiles, insect hotels and gardens full of native plants to favor pollinators.

Recognition and tasting of wild plants

Recognize and take advantage of wild plants. We will learn about and taste the various edible wild plants.

Duration: 2 hours


During this workshop, as well as a general walk, we will focus on four or five seasonal plants. We will explain these in detail: we will learn to recognize them and discover a pile of uses that can be given to each one. And not only that, but we will also taste them!

We will finish the workshop enjoying a wild and tasty aperitif.

Taller_Reconeixement i tastet plantes silvestres
Taller_Biodiversitat al bosc comestible

Biodiversity in the edible forest

Duration: 2 hours

An edible forest is an agro-forestry food production system that mimics the functioning of a natural forest, the most complex and abundant ecosystem we can find on land.

We will not only visit it, but you will contribute your bit: You will make and plant seed bombs to increase its biodiversity

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